Birreria Artigiana ValleCellio

The Vallecellio micro-brewery is located in Valsesia which runs from the Monterosa Mountain to the rice crops of Vercelli.

South of the city of Vercelli has a prosperous and internationally awarded rice farming community. It is from here that Vallecellio supplies the raw materials for the beers “Riso” and “Ambrata”.

Besides this extraordinary industrial success Vercelli boasts the Basilica of Saint Andrew - one of the top 100 churches in the world - where Saint Antony from Padova taught between 1219 and 1227; the Cathedral’s museum where you can read one of the most ancient examples of proto-english written; the Church of Saint Marc in which you can stare at the beauty of the Guggenheim paintings (from February to June). Last but not least, the Vercelli’s surroundings show many Medieval Castles where you could feel and live the experience of being back in the 14th century.

North of Valsesia is dominated by mountains and rivers. From here Vallecellio supplies chestnuts, mountain herbs and spring-water for its beers.

From Borgosesia to Alagna the territory slowly changes into “the greenest valley in Italy”. Nature in fact has preserved its emerald-green splendor, which is reflected in the clear water of the streams. Wherever you may go, the valley has something beautiful to offer: the glaciers, the Capanna Regina Margherita – the highest refuge in Europe (4.552 m) – The Sacred Mont of Varallo – the oldest Sacred Mont ever built (1491) and added to the UNESCO World Heritage sites – the artist Gaudenzio Ferrari’s sculptures, the Walser architecture and traditions – from where many of Vallecellio’s recipes take inspiration from. If culture is therefore not enough, enjoy nature by kayaking, rafting, canyoning and rafting on the Sesia river, or follow the hundreds of mountain-bike trails and trekking routes to discover the local fauna and where the Neanderthal Man left his footprints. Foremost it offers our fine crafted brews!

Birreria Artigiana ValleCellio Località Maddalena 13024 Cellio VC p.i. 02564910020